Vine Street hosts an event to raise money for kids with cancer

Vine Street Pub, along with a group of fifth-graders from Bromwell Elementary School, will host a fundraiser on Sunday night for the Raymond Wentz Foundation, which helps raise money for parents whose children have cancer and are dealing with the medical costs associated with chemotherapy.

To get people involved, four Bromwell students -- Ava, Sammie, Justin and Abbie (one of whom is my daughter) -- formed an organization called 4 Hearts 4 Help and then enlisted the skills of seniors living at the Highlands West and Highlands South Independent Living Facility in Wheat Ridge.

The residents of those facilities put together 125 fleece blankets that will be donated to kids with cancer at Children's Hospital. On Sunday, Customers at Vine Street can donate $25 to sponsor a blanket donation; in addition, a portion of all sales at the pub that night will be donated to the Raymond Wentz Foundation.

4 Hearts 4 Help is an outgrowth of Destination Imagination, a problem-solving education organization that focuses on inspiring kids from second grade through high school to learn key life skills of teamwork, problem-solving, philanthropy and leadership. The fundraiser runs from 5 to 10 p.m. on Sunday, January 29, at the Vine Street Pub, 1700 Vine Street.

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