Reader: Why Theater? Read Juliet Wittman's Godot Review for the Answer.

Timothy McCracken and Sam Gregory in Waiting for Godot.
Timothy McCracken and Sam Gregory in Waiting for Godot. M. Gale Photography 2017
Juliet Wittman's review of the Arvada Center's Waiting for Godot — one of the best productions she's seen of Godot, she says — inspired plenty of discussion on her Facebook page. That's pretty good for a play in which "nothing happens, twice," according to eminent Samuel Beckett scholar Vivian Mercer.

Here's the response from David McClinton: 
Damn, girl. You wrote a good critique and review of this play and testing the foot in the waters of the human condition, in a few paragraphs....Westword reviews are always so much better than the dailies ever were.

You know, I've never seen it or read it, although I took an Intro to Theatre course at the University of Denver with Larry Eilenberg and upper-division acting as well as adult acting at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and have been going to theater for decades and saw The Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, Off-Off, near NYU. Had Donald Todd as a theater mentor. How is it that I have not seen Godot? Always knew of the God reference, but that cyclist reference is an interesting added layer onto the God aspect. Liking the absurdist aspect. But there's always been something in me that turns away from Nihilism. But I didn't know this one was so.

I'm thinking that the beardless character, pictured above, might reflect Beckett's alter ego and the bearded one his Jewish comrades in the French underground. Both Judeo-(Christian) based. Sharing more than that sort of religious origin, but also comrades in arms, as it were. I assume you've seen this in England before? New York? Back East? This is probably about the best Denver has or will see — but one of the best anywhere, ever. You stroke the idol that reminds us: Why theater?

So good that the Arvada Center added the black box theatre to their venue and what additions they can stage in it....

And Godot director Geoffrey Kent also weighed in:

My performance as Vladimir in high school failed to win the accolades it deserved from the Centaurus high theatre critic. Also me. :)

Very proud of this production. But I'm also a huge fan of the play in general. Beckett taps into something deliciously human. It's feels to us (our cast) that Our Town covers birth death life and marriage and Godot handles the moments in between all that. while waiting.

Beckett rocks as does this convo group. 
Have you seen Godot yet? What do you think of Denver's current theater scene?
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