Warmth Isn't Just for the Slopes

We all have our ski and snowboarding, puffy, heavy, non-figure flattering coats. How to be a sexy, warm snow bunny is not my area of expertise. I hang out in the resort bars and get cocked, so I couldn't care less about warmth. I am not an expert in the “smartest” coat of the season, my concern lies in pure aesthetic value.

There is a plethora of bright, vivid winter coats with which to pump up the drab season. My first suggestion is to check out your local vintage and second hand stores. There are amazing finds if you just take the time to look, but don’t get sucked in by style only, make sure it fits. Walk around, bend over, take it around the block. To be honest, most of the highly fashionable ones aren’t that warm so, a snug yet comfy fit is key to avoid completely freezing to death.

Some of the most fashionable and reasonably priced are:

• Cute and sensible? This Plaid Wool Toggle Coat - $128.00 - This sassy, multi-faceted coat is perfect for a nice day of shopping on a sunny winter day.

• Practical and adorable is the perfect description for this Nick & Mo ‘Abby’ Mixed Tweed Coat - $148.00 - With the right scarf this coat can be dressed up for a chilly night of drinking. Another draw of this coat is the length. Although, I wouldn’t suggest attempting to sport it in the dead of winter, it will work well to shield your legs on a short trek through our lovely downtown streets.

• Rock the white! Don’t be scared by the “no white after Labor Day” rule. There are stunning white or off-white coats available for you not so clumsy fashionistas. This simple, elegant Scooter Brown Dirndl peacoat is a perfect example of why women should embrace winter white.

• Although not a fan of the newest “biker chic” coat trend, I did fall in lust with this Andrew Marc, double breasted, fur collar, leather jacket. Of course, for you animal lovers, you can opt for a pleather, non-fur version. I will be honest, I looked, but couldn’t really find any that would be suitable to wear in public.

• There has to be at least one exuberant pick in the bunch, and this Christian Lacroix, metallic, gold flower print, fur-trim beauty is my favorite. At a whopping $8,085…it has my heart, my credit limit and will never let go.

Just remember, when shopping for winter coats, consider the amount of time you will actually be out in the cold. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for warmth. Tough it out. Ten minutes of freezing is totally worth looking amazing when making an entrance.

Stephanie March

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