Warmth Isn't Just for the Slopes

We all have our ski and snowboarding, puffy, heavy, non-figure flattering coats. How to be a sexy, warm snow bunny is not my area of expertise. I hang out in the resort bars and get cocked, so I couldn't care less about warmth. I am not an expert in the “smartest” coat of the season, my concern lies in pure aesthetic value.

There is a plethora of bright, vivid winter coats with which to pump up the drab season. My first suggestion is to check out your local vintage and second hand stores. There are amazing finds if you just take the time to look, but don’t get sucked in by style only, make sure it fits. Walk around, bend over, take it around the block. To be honest, most of the highly fashionable ones aren’t that warm so, a snug yet comfy fit is key to avoid completely freezing to death.

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Sean Cronin