Watch Game of Thrones in the company of your fellow geeks every Sunday

Now that HBO's magnificent Game of Thrones is back, Sunday nights just became appointment viewing again. That's great news unless your free HBO just expired, or your ex-roommate finally changed his HBO Go password or you're not sure you can stand watching alone knowing that the show is probably just waiting to break your heart by killing your favorite character. Or hell, maybe you just like making an event of watching one of the best shows on television. Whatever the case, get thee to the Armoury this Sunday, and every Sunday when there's a new episode, and all of those Game of Thrones-related problems will be solved.

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"You think of all the people who are sports fanatics, and they get to go to share that community, and I was excited about the idea of doing the same thing," says Denver Comic Con and Comic Book Classroom co-founder Charlie LaGreca, who's co-producing the show with Nerd Riot and the Armoury. "Allowing all the geeks to get together and watch something. We're trying to bring some of the fun stuff we do with [Denver] Comic Con to a weekly event."

It's not just watching the show, either. Before and after the main event, you can enjoy Game of Thrones-themed fun from Nerf archery to musical guests. During the show, enjoy some themed drink specials and, most important, free blood shots whenever a main character dies. Best of all, plans are in the works for a very special Game of Thrones guest to close out the season.

The evening starts at 6 p.m. -- although feel free to get there as early as 5 p.m. if you want to hang out and pre-game -- with the show airing at 7 p.m. Admission is free, but you need to be 21 or older, since this is a bar, after all. Oh, and anyone dropping spoilers about who dies next (or how) will be turned over to King Joffrey for whatever perverse bullshit he can dream up, so keep your book learning to yourself for the sake of the show-only fans. For more info, visit the event's Facebook page.

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