We love coupons! Denver second most frugal city in study

There are a few things Denver residents love: craft beer, the outdoors, bikes... and coupons? According to a recent study conducted by, we also love a good deal. Denver ranked second on the coupon website's list of most frugal cities, after Salt Lake City. See also: - Boulder is least frugal city in the United States (or locals are too cool to clip coupons) - Colorado may be the least obese state, but we're getting fatter - Social networking: Denver ranked 3rd in U.S. by Men's Health (eat our hashtags, Portland!)

Each month, the Denver-based company conducts "Buy-havior" Reports, researching coupon-usage trends.The August report includes a list of most and least frugal cities. Here are the results:

Most frugal cities: 1. Salt Lake City, Utah 2. Denver, Colo. 3. Seattle, Wash.

Least frugal cities: 1. Santa Ana, Calif. 2. North Las Vegas, Nev. 3. Oakland, Calif.

In the ranking by state, Colorado places tenth in coupon usage. And why is it that Denverites love coupons? "I think there's a few things that we could point to here -- but one of the main ones is the level of computer-savvy people we have in our city," says Becki Dilworth, director of online marketing at "Online coupon usage has gone up significantly over the past two to three years, and not surprisingly, some of the cities and states most apt to use coupons are also cities with high access to computers."

But then they leave the house with those coupons, and head to the grocery store. "Historically we've found that people are first and foremost searching for coupons on consumable goods -- like laundry detergent and diapers," Dilsworth explains. "From an online coupon perspective, the most common searches are definitely for free shipping, along with dollar or percent off from some of the larger discount chains and department stores."

In the same study last year, Boulder ranked at the very bottom, as least frugal city. This year, though, Boulder's not on the list because the study only looked at cities with populations larger than 100,000. But if it had been included, Dilworth says, it would have ranked 181st.

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Nathalia Vélez
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