We're the Tops!

It's official: Denver has reached the top. The good people of Wolford — the Netherlands-based company best known for sexy legwear that can va va voom up any outfit — also have a line of body-conscious tops named after famous places worldwide, such as "Arizona," "Long Island," "Jakarta," " New York," "Lisbon" and "Berlin." Here's what Wolford America's director of PR had to say about the Denver String Body: "We named the top this because of the soft luxurious fabric, like velvety snow, and because of the sloping neckline, which made us think of mountains and skiing."

It's not exactly a great shirt in and of itself for skiing — bare skin+cold snow=much cursing — but the Denver is pretty sexy. And it definitely beats the pants off of Arizona's uptight look, which is tres odd, considering that state's sultry weather. But Cat isn't complaining about one-upping our neighbor to the south. Besides, Arizona looks better than the New Jersey -- which looks like, well, New Jersey.

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Amy Haimerl