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Not everything to come out of this here cattle town is a shoot-'em-up or a spaghetti Western. Denverite Richard Groskopf and Los Angles-based Mile High native Melissa Fouch plan to reveal the region's wilder side at the opening reception for Denco Connected: The West Coast to the Rockies on Saturday, March 26, at Groskopf's self-titled gallery.

The show will be Denver's first public exhibition of artwork by avant-garde Californians Camille Rose Garcia, Matt Burlingame and Ryan Quincy, lead animator for South Park.

Denco Connected also presents original artwork from rockers Gil Garcia of Los Terribles; Mark Brooks, formerly of the Warlock Pinchers and Foreskin 500; Timothy Fouch, of the now-defunct Skeleton of God; and Ted Thacker, of Boulder's beloved-but-buried Baldo Rex.

Adam Adamowicz and Sean Guerrero are a few of the locals whose oeuvres will represent D-town on Groskopf's walls; they join over twenty kindred artists whose attitudes, according to the curators, have been influenced by altitude. "I feel like Denver has had a distinct influence in the West Coast art scene's sense of humor and sense of rock and roll," says Groskopf, who will also have work in the show.

Los Angeles artisans, from Giuseppe Marchesi, with his demented and dark animations, to Megan Sant, creator of soft sculptural marshmallows in the throes of passionate love, can always find a like-minded posse here in our humble dust bowl. Denco Connected is a hip collection of paintings, prints, installations and sculpture devised to highlight the new wave in Western art. "This group show brings together an alliance of artists from the West Coast to the Rockies that will amaze all who attend," notes Fouch. "These artists are established or emerging forces representative of the power of the Wild West and beyond."

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Kity Ironton

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