What About The Writer?

Teen fashion correspondent Sarah Bolliger brings us the teen view of the latest summer fashion trends.

Have you ever been reading something that made you think, ‘I wonder what the writer is like?’ I know I have. I always want to know more about the person who wrote what I am reading. ‘About The Author’ sections just don't seem to do much justice, so this week I decided that I would tell you about my fashion, where I like to shop, and some of my "Must Have" fashion items.

Fashion is my religion, and every weekend I hit the mall searching for the latest trends as well as pieces that are unique to help give what I'm wearing a memorable edge. I am a thrift shop and vintage store junkie, because you can find the neatest things there at a great price -- my last find was a real, black quilted Chanel handbag for $6!

I don’t shop at expensive department stores; instead you’ll find me looking for cheaper alternatives that create the same look -- instead of spending over $100 for Ray Ban sunglasses, I bought a similar pair at Wal-Mart for $5. If you were to walk into my closet, you would be overwhelmed by the superfluous amount of tanks, hoodies, straight-leg jeans, Keds sneakers, and flat sandals. Labeling my sense of style is hard, especially since I like to mix and match a lot of different looks. ‘Urban Hippie’ would probably be the most accurate way to describe my style. I love to wear a ‘Boho’ top with a pair of dark-washed straight-legs, worn with either my Keds sneakers or Grecian styled sandals. I love to mix and match things to see what I can come up with. Fashion is an art, and I like to think of myself as an artist!

Top Ten Must Haves: 1. Flat Sandals 2. Keds Sneakers 3. Straight-leg Jeans 4. Loose fitting tanks that create a ‘Boho’ look 5. Oversized sunglasses in natural/neon colors 6. Long scarves in all colors 7. Peace sign jewelry 8. Oversized rings with big gems 9. Hemp-cord bracelets 10. Tie dye Tops

-- Sarah Bolliger

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