What questions would YOU ask John Waters?

What's better than Santa Claus coming to town? John Waters coming to Denver. He's a lot like Santa, except his bag of toys is for adults only, his trademark mustache is neatly trimmed, and his elves include Patty Hearst, Traci Lords and Liz Renay. Waters will be presenting An Evening with John Waters -- his one-man vaudeville show based on his spoken word, "This Filthy World" -- at the Mary Harris Auditorium, Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD) on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 7 p.m.

But Westword has been promised some facetime before the event -- and we want to know what you'd like us to ask him.

Much like Waters' impressive catalog of transgressive cult films (including Female Trouble, Desperate Living, Polyester, Serial Mom, Pecker and Cecil B. Demented) anything goes. Do you want to know about his life, his art, his films, his political beliefs, his favorite midnight snack -- he seems like a rare steak sandwich kinda gent -- or even a wackadoo query about Johnny Depp's dark Clark.

Post all your questions below in the comments, and we'll pick a handful of the best. Then you can read them all in our Q&A with Waters once we get it.

But be careful what you ask -- you might get answers that will haunt you worse than the scene at the end of Pink Flamingos.

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