What To Wear Friday: Inbar Kishoni

What To Wear Friday: Inbar Kishoni

Photos by Taylor Sullivan

Note from Cat: What to Wear Fridays, a feature on what this city’s most stylish are wearing for the weekend, is now back. It had gone on hiatus, but with the warm weather all kinds of cute frocks are turning up. So tune in every week for sartorial advice from the groovy and well shod.

This week the WTWF honor goes to Inbar Kishoni, who isn’t your typical cartographer. (But really, who is?) Besides writing user manuals for open-source, 3D, satellite-mapping system, Inbar also plays the keyboards and theremin for Denver’s Mannequin Makeout. Well, she did do all of those things. The job went stale, and as for the band, she says, “it was just time for us to move on.”

So catch her this Sunday at the hi-dive for the MM’s farewell show. You’ll immediately recognize Inbar because she’ll be wearing one of her many vintage finds, such as this cap sleeve Nanette Lepore dress that she snagged from Buffalo Exchange for $60 (they start at $300 at Neimans).

“This is going to sound totally pretentious, but I try to style myself after old French and Italian movies from the ’60s," she says. "I was shopping for glasses and I asked the girl if she had a pair like the main character’s wife in 8 ½. She had no idea what I was talking about.”

Inbar is now off to graduate school for urban design in New York, and is just burning time until her July 2nd departure. She’ll no doubt turn heads in Brooklyn when she struts through with her Fellini-esque air.

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