What to Wear Friday: Tran Wills

What to Wear Friday: Tran Wills

Photos by Taylor Sullivan

Tran Wills is a hard person to keep up with. Between the multitude of fashion shows that she has her hands in, running her locals-only boutique The Fabric Lab with her husband, Josh, and keeping up with her three kids, it’s a wonder that she can gets anything done. But does she manage.

Right now Tran is supa busy getting everything ready for tonight’s big cross-town party, Glorification, celebrating five years in business. “It’s just a way of helping everybody out,” Tran explains of the three-venue fashion show that starts at 7 p.m. at Indy Ink, 84 South Broadway, then moves on to Capsule Event Center, 560 Santa Fe at 8 p.m., and finally back to Lab headquarters, 3105 East Colfax Avenue, for a late birthday bash.

So how does Tran stay on the move and still dress so hip? “I try to stay pretty casual, but keep it funky, too,” she says. She keeps it simple and then relies to accessories that “make an outfit pop.” Like these yellow knit earrings from Ya Majesty and a hemp hat that make a simple dress from Target just what Cat was looking for.

And what does she suggest the fashion unconscious wear out? “Just dress cool for the weather,” she said. “Something just really different!”

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