What to Wear Fridays: All Hallow's Eve, Plan B

But you're going to be cold, you say, in a strapless cocktail dress. Or maybe you need something a little edgier for that Halloween party than what The Cat's Pajamas offered below. Problems solved: Just throw one of

Lynne Bruning

's Wookie coats over your shoulders, and you'll be ten feet tall and bullet proof. Cat speaks from experience: She had the good fortune to borrow a Wookie one evening, and it made her taller


smarter. How can you not be when you're wearing a giant, hot pink Chewbacca?

A few words of advice, however: Expect people to pet you...without...asking. If you don't like to be touched, you'll have to steel yourself before wearing a Wookie. Also, people will stare, but the Wookie gives you the power of royalty to stride through crowds with impervious abandon. The best part? You can wear them year round; no need to wait for Halloween to break out this fantasy self.

These are hand-made, one-of-a-kind frocks, so you can't just run out and buy one on any corner. But if you find the lovely Ms. Bruning and make friends with her, she might just might make one for you. Or teach you to make one. Or let you borrow one.

It worked for Cat.

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