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What would Jesus do? He'd go snowboarding in Colorado!

When the Son of God books his Second Coming tour, members of the Denver chapter of Snowboarders and Skiers for Christ like to think he'll head to Colorado for some sliding on frozen water. He'd certainly be welcome at today's SFC Early Bird Rail Jam & Sample Sale, at 3 p.m. on the campus of Colorado Christian University, 180 South Garrison Street in Lakewood (registration $5). And he'd definitely want to be at the Gothic Theatre tonight, when the club will screen the new SFC: Serious Fun Video Magazine Volume II, along with the local premieres of the People Crew's Good Look and Think Thank's Ransack Rebellion.

Tickets for tonight's event, which starts at 7 p.m., are $10; bring extra for the $5 raffle tickets and then start saying your prayers: Prizes include gear, DVDs, lift tickets, and maybe even eternal salvation.

For book, chapter and verse on what you might see tonight, here are trailers and footage from last year's SFC Early Bird Rail Jam. Watch for a dude who looks a lot like Jesus at the 1:14 mark in the first trailer:

SERIOUS FUN Video Magazine ISSUE 2 Trailer from joshua stock on Vimeo.

Good Look Trailer from PEOPLE FILMS (The People Crew) on Vimeo.

Ransack Rebellion teaser from Jesse Burtner on Vimeo.

SFC's Early Bird Rail Jam from Josiah Holwick on Vimeo.

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