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What's in your bag? A Swiss army knife, hairspray and more!

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With the holiday season ahead, many people will be dressing for comfort -- the better to accommodate the mass quantities of food they'll consume. For proof that it is possible to dress comfortably and be fashionable at the same time, look no further than to Grand Junction native and cosmetologist Mary Ann Hogan, who has a colorful view on life.

Continue reading to find out about the different roles that Hogan has played, her thoughts on being a global citizen, and, of course, what's in her bag.

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Name: Mary Anne Hogan.

Spotted at: 18th and Tremont streets

Profession: Actress and make-up artist.

Favorite film: I'm a big fan of Merchant Ivory period films. But more recently I've become a huge fan of Lena Dunham's show on HBO, Girls, because it is very true to real women's perspectives and emotions.

Autumn anthem: I love My Morning Jacket's "Touch Me I'm Going to Scream" every season, really. I especially love the Black Cab Session live performance, which is amazing!

Style inspirations/ icons: I love to let the pages of magazines like Allure, Elle, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Interview, ID and V wash over me.

Favorite color: Red.

Favorite accessory: I love my red prayer beads that are Hindu. I wear them on my my left hand because it feeds creativity and power.

Style mantra: I love to be of use. I try to view myself as a citizen of the world and just be myself.

Shops at: Goodwill and thrift stores to find diverse things. I like to wear men's trousers because they look adorable and are comfortable. I buy some basics from Gap, and I usually have sentimental attachment to things that are gifted to me.

Of her red nails, Hogan says: "I was a Playboy bunny from 1971 to 1973, and I got into red nails around that time. Steve Martin used to come in, and I was a hippie in Boulder and I used to serve everyone and do the bunny dip. I've loved red nails ever since then."

Hogan's favorite accessory, the Hindu prayer beads, remind her of what's important: the oneness and universal feelings that we all share. "We all want our children to be safe, to be happy, and to experience love and not pain," says Hogan, who's the mother of three.

"I always tell my children that we are citizens of the world, and not committed to one place," Hogan says. "I was born in Grand Junction, and I knew it was not the cultural center of the universe. I like to use the internet nowadays to find out what is going on in foreign places like Iran, and I become inspired by that."

In addition to being a Playboy bunny, Hogan has been a real estate agent, an actress and, most recently, a make-up artist. Doing make-up has brought her a joy that no other work has, she says: "I love to treat people with respect and love when they are in my make-up chair so they feel confident about themselves, that they glow when they leave my chair. I want every individual to look iconic for themselves."

She adds: "I enhance their natural features and make them look like a master's painting, like Venus rising from the sea. I love and respect everyone in my chair in order to bring out their luminosity without artifice.This is because I have my basis in acting and can relate to actors on a different level."

Check out what is in Mary Ann Hogan's bag on page 2!

This is a reusable tote bag that Hogan picked up in London at Cass Art Store; it has many phrases printed on it. Let's find out what sort of objects travel with Hogan on her adventures... Inside we have a myriad of fun products, including a can of hairspray, two cosmetic cases, a back-up purse that is small and black leather, an extra pair of sunglasses, a lint brush, a pink hair comb, an iPhone 5, and a keychain with a Pink Panther key and Swiss Army knife attached. With her beauty staples as well as technology old and new, Hogan is ready for a night out on the town -- or the worst-case scenario. Style analysis: With pops of red on an all-black ensemble, Hogan injects bursts of energy into a classic look. She uses her signature red nails, cropped red hair and red prayer beads to create an iconic look that emphasizes her individuality. Her view on being a global citizen is optimistic and all-embracing. Hogan displays how different cultures and job titles can be used to emphasize a personal style and create an individual aesthetic that spans from Hindu culture to Grand Junction, from London to New York.

No matter where you are, Denver, remain loyal to your view of fashion and your role in the world.

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