What's in your bag? Back to school with hairspray, mints and more!

This week marks the return to school for many students, and with the start of a new school year comes a blast of new fall fashion. Even temperatures still in the 90s won't dissuade some students from going for extra-credit in their autumn attire -- sun or no sun. Keep reading to find out what today's avant-garde young adults are rocking on the Auraria campus.

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Name: Nina Dadabhoy.

Spotted: Outside Auraria Library.

Profession: Sophomore at Metropolitan State University of Denver studying broadcast journalism.

Favorite film: All the Harry Potter films.

Summer anthem: "Tic-Toc" by Ke$ha is a fun antidote to some depressing songs I listened to this summer. Style icons/inspirations: I just don't like to look like everyone else. I like to look different and stand out.

Favorite accessory: I'm really liking these suspenders I bought yesterday.

Favorite color: Royal purple. Style mantra: Be myself, but better. Shops at: Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters. I like to shop at Express and Justfab.com if I can afford it.

Dadabhoy is one of the few women to wear heels to school, keeping her a step ahead -- and above -- the rest.

Check out what's inside Nina Dadabhoy's backpack on page 2!

Dadabhoy carries this black leather backpack from Urban Outfitters to class. Let's take a peek inside, shall we? Inside the bag is a bottle of water, hairspray, Revlon lip gloss and Smarties candies...not to mention textbooks and notebooks.

Learn about Antwaun Johnson's street style on page 3!

Name: Antwaun Johnson.

Spotted: Outside Auraria library.

Profession: Sophomore at Community College of Denver studying business finance.

Favorite film: I don't watch television or movies.

Summer anthem: "No Idea is Original" by Nas.

Style icons/inspirations: I love dance culture and artists' need to express your inside emotions on the outside.

Favorite accessory: Bow ties and dress shoes.

Favorite color: Red.

Style mantra: Look polished, go against the grain, too.

Shops at: Express, Aldo, H&M and, recently, Macy's for bow ties.

"I think it's important to keep changing with fashion, it's a constant evolution," says Johnson. "Every day is an opportunity to be someone else."

Check out what Antwaun Johnson keeps in his backpack on page 4!

This is a funky, colorful backpack that Johnson picked up at Urban Outfitters. Let's take a gander inside... There is an umbrella, a religious book, a UCD folder (Johnson plans to transfer to that school soon), Altoids mints, two tubes of skin oil for that elusive scent and lip balm. Clearly, he is prepared to look his best in any climate, rain or no rain. Style analysis: While playing with gender roles, both Dadabhoy and Johnson blaze their own trail on campus. Dadabhoy goes for a YSL-inspired women-in-a-suit-look complete with a Slytherin tie from Harry Potter and suspenders; she manages to make this look appear feminine. Johnson makes magenta masculine with a patterned bow tie and mint-colored trousers, complemented by classic black Converse.

In the words of Johnson, "go against the grain." Don't be afraid to wear formal wear as everyday wear to stay a step ahead of the rest of the student body; it is always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. These two students get a gold star for showing to to mess around with society's norms -- and have fun doing it.

Cause a fuss with your wardrobe, Denver.

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