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What's in your bag? Dead animals, shades and more at the Westword Music Showcase

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Last Saturday was scorching, and not just because the temperature broke 100 degrees. There was also blazing local music at the eighteenth annual Westword Music Showcase -- with a record-breaking 15,000 fans in attendance. While many focused on remaining hydrated with booze or water, others were fixated on their own personal style. Satiate your stylistic thirst with these two examples of WMS style done right: Rodriguez has a treble note tattooed on her right foot and a bass note on the left, which displays her love of music: "I love all genres of music, and used to play violin and dance before I got into cosmetology."

Take a gander inside Beya Rodriguez's purse on page 2!

Women travel light when headed for a night on the town. Here we see the bare essentials that fit inside Rodriguez's printed cherry=printed clutch: ID, Nine West shades, business cards, cell phone and WMS after party flier. These are all she needs to paint the town fire engine red.

"I believe if you look good, than you feel good. Life is about beauty, in different ways, be it music, painting, dancing or writing. We all acknowledge the beauty in life and admire it," says Rodriguez.

Rodriguez was one of many music enthusiasts who danced to tunes spun by DJ MU$A, who played at Vinyl for the Showcase and later opened for Q-Tip at the WMS after-party. This was a common sight on the streets during the WMS. The thirsty behavior and sidewalk drinking had the Golden Triangle looking like the Las Vegas strip. Blame it on the heat. A long day of drinking coupled with insanity-inducing heat results in a public brawl for two fellas.

Discover the style of Rene Cordero on page 3!

Cordero filled his right arm with all of his inspirations, since he creates with that hand. Here we see avant-garde designer Vivienne Westwood herself, and a rapper friend of Cordero's, Deadlee, tattooed below. This sleeve also contains a portrait of Albert Einstein. One dangly feather earring complements the rabbit head Cordero fastened to his vintage Hot Topic messenger bag. Says Cordero, "I have a weird fascination with dead animals. I like how they are scary, but still seen as trophies with prestige, like in taxidermy. I made this strap myself."

Take a look inside inside Rene Cordero's bag on page 4!

What do we have here? A copy of Juztapoz, cologne, a planner, a photography book featuring Man Ray and, last but not least, his sketch book, which is paramount when ideas for future tattoos come to mind. But wait! There's more: cigarettes, unicorn printed lighter, Giorgio Armani shades, Chapstick, Crest whitening strips, a ring and a mask. Cordero says, "I usually only splurge on my shades, which I get from Solstice. I have a pair of Dior and D&G ones as well. My friend made this mask and I asked him if I could have it. It's pretty sick. Going back to my fascination with dead animals again, I made this ring out of a deer's tooth." All that's well, ends well. Rodriguez was spotted dancing at the WMS after-party at City Hall while Q-Tip was spinning, but then again, who wasn't moving to the driving beat?

Style analysis: When the music plays, you dance. When the sun showers its rays, you hydrate. Many folks at the WMS sported the bare minimum, and others, like Rodriguez and Cordero, excelled in delivering hot summer looks. Just because the weather is blistering, you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. Rodriguez lives it up in red heels, a red silk dress and red lips. Cordero plays cool in a stripped tank, pegged jeans, designer shades and personal taxidermy twist.

This WMS was most definitely one for the books. The combination of rockin' tunes, exhilarating atmosphere and stylish attendees made for a day unlike any other.

Continue to dance, hydrate and style properly, Denver.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.