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What's in your bag? Marc Jacobs, a master's thesis and more!

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This week, Denver street style is taking cues from New York's Marc Jacobs, whose high-end fashion and leather goods are a symbol of luxury to people around the world. While the air here is hot and muggy, with sudden showers threatening the afternoons, Denverites keep pushing the style thermometer. Weather forecast: Jacobs is always in style.

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Name: Beatriz Contreras

Spotted at: 14th and Curtis streets.

Profession: Contributor for a street-style blog, Style Informant, and works in retail.

Favorite film: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. I enjoy how trippy it is, plays with reality.

Summer anthem: Peter, Bjorn and John's "Nothing to Worry About" and "Freedom," by George Michael.

Style inspirations/ icons: Kate Moss has a very heroin-chic, music-festival fun style. Yoko Ono is someone I admire. Also, Johnny Depp is inspiring, as he is very grungy yet somehow clean. His well-kept grungy look is cool for men.

Favorite accessory: A staple piece of my wardrobe, a black vest that is studded with pyramids. I get compliments on it all the time, but it's not real leather.

Favorite color: Purple, because it's a safe color for both men and women to wear, and I also like grapes.

Style mantra: How do I want people to view me?

Shops at: Thrift stores, Express, skate shops and Michael's.

"I like when people mess with accessories," Contreras says. "Their outfit may be bland, but their accessories could pop, be really cool and stand out." Today she rocks a silver band, a braided brown-leather strap, a saint bracelet and a beaded skull bracelet, as well as a music festival-inspired headband and animal-printed blouse. The studded sandals complement the white leather studded purse that she carries today. Always on the go, Contreras usually has an umbrella and laptop with her, but not today.

Take a look inside Beatriz Contreras's bag on page 2!

This white leather satchel is only for when Contreras is traveling light. We see a Style Informant business card peeking out; let's see what else is inside... We have some sunglasses, the eye-blinding bag, business cards and a strawberry-flavored lollipop with a scorpion center for that extra crunch. "My friend bought me that as a gift from Rocket Fizz," says Contreras. Since Contreras is a street-style photographer, she always carries her camera; she doesn't know when the next subjects will present themselves in front of her. "I say it's fate," she explains.

We also have a black leather Marc Jacobs wallet with ID, business cards and debit card. "I love this Marc Jacobs wallet because it is simple and black," she says.

Check out the style of Kristopher on page 3!

Name: Kristopher R

Spotted at: 14th and Arapahoe streets.

Profession: Graduate student at University of Colorado Denver and language tutor.

Favorite film: The Great Silence. I love spaghetti westerns.

Summer anthem: "I Don't Believe You," by the Magnetic Fields.

Style inspirations/icons: Western films and my close friends inspire me.

Favorite accessory: Copper and silver bracelets. I have about half a dozen.

Favorite color: I like red to stain the barn with, but I prefer to wear black in clothing.

Style mantra: Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and wear ties!

Shops at: topman.com, H&M and Gap.

A bit of styling advice from Kristopher R: "I don't think people should ever wear shorts and T-shirts. Even if it's hot, that's no excuse. Iron your shirts, men, iron all of your clothes. I'd rather spend money on quality stuff I wear and use every day, such as bags and shoes on my birthday. Then I can buy less expensive shirts, ties and pants whenever." Find out what is inside Kristopher's bag on page 4! This brown beauty was spotted from down the street: a rustic-looking, distressed leather Marc Jacobs bag. "I'm a fan of Jacobs's work," Kristopher says. "I like the simplicity and quality of his products. Many of his pieces maintain an early 1900s sense of masculinity, which I admire." Kristopher's major at UCD is humanities, and he carries his 50-page thesis, a lengthy paper on Martin Heidegger and pre-Socratic thought, with him, along with various tutoring materials, cigarettes, a laptop and notebooks. "I know Italian with some fluency, and French, German, Spanish, Greek and Latin have all been in my academic life at some point," he says. "Although I know many languages, I am only a tutor for and in English." Style analysis: Coincidentally, in my bag this week was Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, the 2007 documentary by Loïc Prigent. The relationship between Marc Jacobs and Luis Vuitton is a complex and inspiring one, dating back to 1997, when Jacobs became creative director for Vuitton. This is when Jacobs began splitting his time between his own house in New York City and the timeless Parisian label that has been a staple of luxury since 1854. The documentary is a rare glimpse into the world of fashion's tastemakers and generation- carving artists, as Jacobs combines fine art and fashion, and eliminates the barrier between life and work. When viewing the documentary, you begin to realize why someone would shell out as much as $3,000 for a bag or $200 for a wallet. Check out this hour-long documentary from the Denver Public Library; it's a mind-blowing, behind-the-scenes look at the fashion machine that is Marc Jacobs.

Style savvy Denverites mix the high-end, like Jacobs, with the low-brow, including thrift-store finds, and create their own look in the process. Whether your personal style is strictly button-ups and sock ties, like Kristopher, or music-inspired and leather-studded, like Beatriz -- rock it. Have fun playing with the world's perception of you.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.