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What's in your bag? Measuring tape, a sketchbook, and more!

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More often than not, people who design fashion or work in clothing stores see the act of getting dressed as an art form, and they dress with passion. We stumbled upon one of those gifted people, Olivia Mclean, this week. Mclean manages the Buffalo Exchange boutique on 13th Avenue while designing her own Phaulty Phantasmagoria line of clothes on her off hours. Read further to learn which French designer made her blouse, which film she admires for it's symbolism, and of course, what's in her bag.

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Name: Olivia Mclean.

Spotted at: 13th Avenue and Grant Street.

Profession: Fashion designer/owner of Phaulty Phantasmagoria and manager of Buffalo Exchange boutique.

Favorite film: The Holy Mountain , directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky. I love alchemy and tattoos and all the weird symbolism in that movie.

Autumn anthem: Iggy Azalea featuring TI, a song called "Murda Bussiness." Tragik's "Club King" is another song I'm feeling. I like dark industrial music right now.

Style inspirations/icons: Alexander McQueen is a big one; I was able to see a giant retrospective collection of his work a few years ago in New York and it was really inspiring. Leigh Bowery, Vivienne Westwood, Comme des Garçons, Jean Paul Gaultier, and John Galliano are also designers I admire.

Favorite color: Iridescent.

Favorite accessory: Wigs, lately. I have about four. I have a Gemini pendent I usually wear as well.

Style mantra: What kind of mood am I in today?

Shops at: Act 2 Consignment Boutique and Buffalo Exchange. I have a limited amount of clothes in my closet because I would prefer to make the clothes I wear.

These rings allow Mclean to be perfectly accessorized and detailed; every phalange has a style of it's own. She mixes turquoise, quartz, silver and gold to establish this look. She also uses bullet shells instead of standardized earrings or gauges to give a rebellious feel to the ensemble, along with her black beanie. Mclean recently styled the clothing for Kitty Crimes new music video. Check out her tumblr here.

This is the back of Mclean's Jean Paul Gaultier blouse, which she picked up from Act 2 Consignment. On local street style, Mclean says " I want to see more people expressing themselves here in Denver. I feel a lot of people need to tap into what they would like to convey that day, or what makes them feel special. I want people to really embrace that persona and express themselves." Check out what's in Olivia Mclean's bag on page 2!

Mclean's black leather purse with gold chain link strap matches her belt, jacket, hat, and shoes. Let's have a gander at the contents, shall we?

Inside the bag we have a multitude of products. Some are used to create fashion and art like the sketchbook with sample hair, paint marker, measuring tape and pens. Other items are to look well groomed at all times: green tea oil blotting sheets, Jergens lotion, lip balm, Burt's Bees sage deodorant, lip stick in a fancy lip stick case, hair brush, and other fragrant oils. The cigarettes, lighter, and copy of The Kybalion are habitual items. The aviator shades, keys with Argonaut keychain, and smart phone serve a utility purpose.

Style analysis: Mclean shows that creating your own fashion and art shines through in your daily projection. The contents of her bag show how all the parts of her life connect and fit together as a whole: the necessities, combined with beauty, fashion, and cigarettes. She mixes basic blacks to allow her standout Renaissance piece Gautier to pop, as well as her eclectic jewelry.

Style yourself properly, Denver.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.