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What's in your bag? Perfume, MMJ and more!

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People who are truly fashion-forward are often forward regarding things other than street-style, too. This week we focus the spotlight on Malarie Parks, a young woman from Fresno, California, and a former Rocky Mountain of College of Art and Design student who puts all of herself out there -- and makes no apologies for it. Continue reading to find out which celebrity influences her style, where she shops, and what items she keeps in her bag.

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Name: Malarie Parks.

Spotted at: 13th and Sherman streets, attending a Plastic Children show.

Profession: Professional people-pleaser. I work in customer service, so it's my job to make people smile.

Favorite film: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Autumn anthem: A$AP Rocky 's "Purple Swag."

Style inspirations/icons: I love Lady Gaga's style before she was big and famous, when she was young and dressed in sequins on stage. I love the '50s, '70s and '80s eras for fashion, and try to incorporate them into my own look. I read H&M's fashion catalogues religiously.

Favorite accessory: Big, obscene rings that are a ridiculous size and make a statement.

Favorite color: Cerulean blue.

Style mantra: Always be fashion-forward. I believe in taking things from the runway and wearing them casually on the street to stand out.

Shops at: H&M, Forever 21, even Wal-Mart, and Buffalo Exchange.

What's the difference between California and Colorado style? "Denverites are still learning how to dress themselves," Parks says. "Not many people have their own developed personal style, and they stick to traditional clothes. People dress for comfort here. Fuck dressing for comfort. Sometimes you have to suffer for fashion, but if you look good, you'll feel good."

Parks adds: "In American Beauty, there is a line that says, 'In order to be successful, one must portray the image of success at all times.' This has always stood with me, and it's important to stay positive and strong in any situation. I try not to let my hardships weigh me down too much. Life is a blessing and we should embrace it."

Check out what's in Malarie Parks's bag on page 2!

Inside the bag we have a wide array of objects. There are two pairs of shades, one circular and black, the other with clear lenses and blue frames. There is a wallet, a makeup brush, perfume, Camel cigarettes, RTD ticket and coins, a tampon, and keys with a key-chain that says, "California. Peace. Love." There is also a can of Red Bull and a glass pipe in a pink zebra-patterned bag.

"Marijuana should be legalized for tax purposes," Parks says.

Style Analysis:While many dress for comfort and warmth in the final quarter of the year, Parks switches it up and creates a layered look with a Bob Marley pullover hoodie, a gray blazer over that, and a fuzzy white vest to top it all off. She matches her pink-and-black lace leggings with an animal-patterned bag and headband for an outfit that looks warm, but is also very striking. It has a unique, professional-stoner/princess energy to it that reflects both Colorado and California. And Parks is just as daring in her behavior as she is in her fashion: She revealed ALL the innards of her purse, making no excuses for green substances or female hygiene products.

Be fearless in your personal style, Denver. And make California green with envy.

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