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What's in your bag? Spirituality, Chipotle and more!

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While there have been fires in the forests and fireworks in the sky, the streets are also on fire -- with hot, hot fashion. Check out this week's eclectic mix of frontwoman and skater styles.

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Name: Tamara Rodriguez.

Spotted at: 12th and Washington.

Profession: Lead singer of local band Plastic Children.

Favorite film: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Summer anthems: "Sprout and the Bean," by Joanna Newsom, and "Trunk Muzik," by Yelawolf. Style inspirations/icons: The House of Givenchy and its whole evolution. Industrial goth kids, bag ladies, Mother Earth, drag queens, club kids, different cultures, and people who just don't give a fuck. Favorite accessory: My talisman. Favorite color: Deep emerald green. Style mantra: Connect with yourself, and tell yourself to be the best you can be. Shops at: Buffalo Exchange, thrift stores, nature in the woods. I recycle old clothes by cutting them up and making them new again.

This tattoo that Rodriguez has inked on her knee is a sign of her will to always be playful and creative, like children who play tic-tac-toe for hours: "Friends always call my style whimsy and funky," says Rodriguez. The band Plastic Children is very genre-mixing, Rodriguez says, with everything from trip-hop to jazz to soul-pop to metal, and caters to music fans with a broad palette: "Come check out our show this Friday at NORAD on 22nd and Champa. Support local music and local everything." Check out the event page here. See what's in Tamara's bag on page 2! Rodriguez's purse is a vintage leather find. Let's go in for a closer inspection... The talisman, Rodriguez's favorite accessory, helps to guide her on her life's journey. "I bought this on Etsy.com and it has a lot of spiritual meaning to it," she says. "It is supposed to help you manifest destiny, so I figure if I keep it with me all the time by wearing it, I can constantly manifest destiny and have a more balanced life." We have a baby blue glass bird; a program from her friend's wedding at the Denver Botanic Gardens; L'Oreal sunscreen; ear buds; wallet; makeup bag; Kundalinni, a book about chakras; a hair turban and a crystal stone necklace.

Check out Zion Chernila's street style on page 3!

Name: Zion Chernila.

Spotted at: Denver Skate Park. Profession: Student who works at Anthony's Pizza.

Favorite film: Exit Through the Gift Shop . Summer anthem: "You Ain't No Family," by Iwrestledabearonce. Style inspirations/ icons: Jean-Michel Basquiat. Favorite accessory: My sketchbook. Favorite color: Black, because it's the base of all colors.

Style mantra: I try not to look like everyone else. Shops at: Buffalo Exchange and Indy Ink.

When not going to the Odyssey School, Chernila spends his free time hanging out downtown and skating the streets with friends. Check out what's inside Chernila's backpack on page 4! Besides the skateboard that Chernila carries with him, he also has his backpack. What else tags along for the day's journey? We have a phone charger, iPod charger, ear buds, Chipotle, and... A piece of wax to clean his deck and his favorite accessory, his sketch book. Like Basquiat, Chernila dabbles in fine art, particularly abstract animation comic drawings. Style analysis: Rodriguez and Chernila display how your passion can translate to your physical appearance. Rodriguez dresses in a black leather number with a pop of cotton candy-colored heels, and also carries many sacred objects because she believes in putting positive energy out in order to receive it. Chernila serves up skate style with a Gorrilaz concert T, skeleton-key necklace, red bandanna for a more laid-back tone. Both worship a sense of self-worth, proving that style is a religion at once unique and universal to all.

Amen fashion, Denver.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.