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What's in your bag? Versace rings and bike locks

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This past week has been full of activity -- everything from fashion shows to music festivals and the Denver County Fair -- and a fun mix of styles has filled the streets, too. We spotted this week's style-setter not once but twice, both times being his carefree self. Read on to learn Brandon Dazzo's inspirations, styling advice, and what's in his bag.

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Name: Brandon Dazzo.

Spotted at:20th and Logan, and 17th and Pearl.

Profession: "Ring leader" of my inner social circle and bar-back at X-Bar.

Favorite film: Mean Girls.

Summer anthem: Tiesto's "Club Life."

Style inspirations/icons: Putting my own spin on modern trends. Simple yet special.

Favorite accessory: My best friends, of course, since I'm always with them. Fashion-wise, though, I'd say earrings and bracelets.

Favorite color: Fire engine red because it's energetic.

Style mantra: Trashy but classy.

Shops at: Classic department stores like Nordstrom, tucked away boutiques in Riverfront and South Broadway, anywhere I can mix styles together. Thrift stores are good, and I recently went to Europe to shop as well.

"I love skulls and anything that has them is a plus," says Dazzo of his bracelet. But there's also the skeleton of an angel printed on his black T-shirt. He's also wearing a gold Versace pinky ring, which he picked up in Italy a month ago, a handmade gray drawstring bracelet, and a silver heart ring. "I found this heart ring while hitchhiking in Oregon," Dazzo says of this random fashion find. "There was a small flea market on the side of the road and it was like five bucks." "My style is very street style," Dazzo says, "and to me that means gritty and casual. I wear these black leather boots since I ride my bike and they are very practical for that. I wear jeans and shorts instead of ties and slacks, and I'm just very grunge and feel most comfortable in street clothes as opposed to formal attire. I love grunge clothes, aged clothes, distressed clothes that are very worn. Everything I wear I've had forever. Stuff that I buy at H&M now, I will only wear in three years. I age my clothes. I try not to buy too much from one store in order to change things up. Change is key in fashion, or else it becomes boring." Check out what's in Dazzo's bag on page 2! This bag has a very outdoorsy feel, which is appropriate since Dazzo rides his bicycle and loves camping. But what is inside? Let's find out... Ray-Ban sunglass case, a water bottle, a Louis Vuitton monogram wallet, a black bike lock and lip balm are all packed inside a small orange Coleman backpack. "I only like these Ray-Bans because they are teardrop-shaped," he says. "I splurge for accessories and I usually only wear dark colors." A Pueblo native and graduate of University of Colorado Denver, Dazzo only wears "things that are either classic and very unique," he says. "I think it's important to be inspired by the people around you, so for me, I'm inspired by my friends and the random people I see on the street. I see how someone will wear something on the street and I think, 'How can I put my own twist on it?'"

Style analysis:

Spotted twice in one week in different locations, Dazzo remains consistent in his fashion philosophy. With his classic black boots and D&G denim jeans from Italy, Dazzo manages to blend athletic wear and high-end fashion effortlessly; combining grunge, European couture and athletic apparel with all-important accessories. His favorites? His best friends.

When getting dressed, Denver, remain loyal to who you are.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.