Who's slammin' whom? Denver slam poetry teams make the national semifinals in Charlotte

Update: What a difference a year makes. Both Slam Nuba and the Denver Mercury Poetry Slam team went down in their semifinal rounds on Friday night, Slam Nuba in a sudden death slam-off against Da Poetry Lounge of Hollywood. Saturday Night's winner? Slam New Orleans.

Hopeful and pumped full of their best words, the Slam Nuba and Denver Mercury Poetry Slam teams both headed to the 2012 National Poetry Slam in Charlotte last week. So far, so good: They both did well in their preliminary rounds on Wednesday and Thursday nights, ranking fourth (Slam Nuba) and ninth (Mercury) in the overall standings among the 72 teams participating.

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And they'll sail, with those nice numbers under their belts, into the semifinals tonight, two of twenty teams left vying for the 2012 title. From the midst of that fray, four teams will emerge to compete in tomorrow's finals. Give them a hand!

Slam Nuba has the 2011 national title to defend, and the Merc team took that honor in 2006; though faces and voices have changed for both over the years, the teams have a local slam poetry community of great depth to thank for their successes. Solidarity and a good foundation go a long way.

We'll keep you posted on the results.

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