Why won't you open, Ruby Hill Rail Yard? Why?!

Here's the best thing about living in Denver in the winter: Snowy and cold up in the mountains, sunny and warm down in the city. Snow/Sun ... Wet/Dry ... see how that works?

Then, in 2007, Winter Park and the City of Denver's parks department had to go and come up with this thing called the Ruby Hill Rail Yards -- essentially a full-on urban snow terrain park on a big ass hill in west Denver -- and screw up this whole weather dichotomy.

Because now, when we get huge-ass snowstorms like a few weeks ago, every little jibber in the metro area runs to Ruby Hill and prays for it to stay cold and shitty. Last season it was so warm all winter (global warming -- yay!) that the Rail Yards never even opened (boo!). Apparently, it takes three consecutive weeks of below-zero temperatures at night for the snowblowers to build a large enough base to last. According to the city's Outdoor Recreation Department, the current plan is to open the Rail Yards on schedule.

So, when? Snowblowing begins in January.

Don't stay sunny, Denver

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