Wildfire victims can rebuild memories with Zorn Photography

More than 500 homes and all their contents were destroyed by fire in the Black Forest last month; now commercial photographers Jody and Zach Zorn of Zorn Photography have announced a program to help some victims of the blaze rebuild memories.

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"Just thinking of how many people lost irreplaceable things like photos, wedding dresses, baby's first shoes -- everything -- hurt our hearts," says Jody Zorn of Denver-based Zorn Photography. "Most people say the first thing they would grab in a fire would be their photos, but we know in this case so many people didn't enough time. Zach and I decided this was a great way to give back, by helping some of the victims create new photographic memories."

Zorn Photography isn't a news outfit that documents tragedies. It does commercial assignments around the world, including destination-wedding photography. Last month, the Zorns photographed the nuptials of Denver Bronco Eric Decker and Jessie James. The Zorns are accustomed to capturing happy events; focusing on people who have suffered tragedy poses a different challenge. "We would love to help everyone affected by the fire, but that is obviously something that isn't possible for us to take on," says Jody Zorn. "We use what we're good at to help people."

So they're offering twenty families who lost everything in the fire a free, thirty-minute photo shoot conducted by Zach and Jody at Castle Cliff Estates, a mansion by Pikes Peak that is often used for weddings and events. The families selected will receive a complimentary photo CD from Zorn Photography, as a $40 coupon for custom framing from FastFrame of LoDo. "Any businesses looking to help the victims with gift cards for home goods, grocery or apparel can contact us via e-mail ([email protected]) to be included in the day-of-shoot gift bags. These families lost everything, so any help would be appreciated," says Jody Zorn.

"We are trying to help families rebuild those irreplaceable moments," she adds. "It's just one small step in trying to restore old memories."

To find out more about the program, including how to apply, e-mail [email protected]

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Noah Reynolds