Win tickets to the opening weekend of The Hobbit in Denver!

Update: Congratulations to Nerdgasm and kmurtaugh08! You've each won two tickets to the film. Check your email for details on how to claim them

Original post: During the last decade, few movies have inspired as much box-office awe (and costumed panic) as Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Or as many life lessons: Throughout the films' fifty hours of footage, we learned a little bit of Elvish, discovered the importance of man jewelry, and explored the ins and outs of the longstanding rivalry between dwarves and elves. And that was just the start of the education. Now you, dear readers, have the chance to take a refresher course that will start at the beginning for free with tickets to the opening weekend of The Hobbit. Continue reading for how to get your hands on a pair.

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3. Then, check back on Thursday to see if you've won.

4. Sit back and relax. Good luck!

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