Winter Park Resort Opens Today: Here's What's New for 2015

Opening November 18


What’s new:
Winter Park Resort is introducing radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, “which allows guests hands-free access to all base-area chairlifts” says Winter Park spokesman Steve Hurlbert. “Instead of having to produce a ticket or pass to be scanned, visitors simply place their RFID or QuikTrax card in a coat pocket, which is then read by scanners at the lifts.” Also, check out the updated menus at all of the resort restaurants. “Everything from easy, grab-and-go food like street tacos at Moffat Market to gourmet Colorado-sourced five-course dinners at the Lodge at Sunspot,” Hurlbert says. “With Winter Park’s relationship with New Belgium Brewing Company, guests can also expect many beer-themed events throughout the season, many centered around Mary Jane Ale, which is available exclusively at Winter Park Resort.”

Signature experience: “Winter Park Resort’s Cirque Sled is a 44-passenger sled pulled by snowcat that gives skiers and riders easier access to the Cirque Territory, previously accessibly only by hiking, which is perfect for the expert rider looking for a side-country experience in a patrolled environment,” Hurlbert says. A Cirque Sled season pass is $20.

Splurge: “Whether you’re a beginner or have been skiing your entire life, it’s always good to get some occasional instruction,” says Hurlbert, noting that Winter Park has overhauled its Private Lesson Center and programs in recent years, with full-day and half-day packages. “A few tips from a professional instructor can greatly enhance a rider’s ability and enjoyment.”

Ski bum tips: There’s free parking on the Mary Jane side of the resort. “Mary Jane’s C-Lot is known for its party atmosphere, where you’ll find people tailgating and dogs playing. Arrive early, though, because spaces fill up fast, especially on weekends.”

Drink locally: Lunch Rock Restaurant features twelve craft beers, including Mary Jane Ale. “On a nice day, Lunch Rock’s deck may be the most popular place at Winter Park Resort, with stunning views of the Continental Divide,” Hurlbert says.
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Colin Bane
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