Winter X Games gets two new events

Hold your breath, adrenaline spectators: The Winter X Games 14 in Aspen will get two new events this year: Skiing SuperPipe High Air and the amazing-sounding Snowmobile Knock Out.

Skiing SuperPipe High Air takes the top six skiers in the world and challenges them to compete in a 30-minute session to reach the highest air. Snowmobile Knock Out sees six snow machine drivers launching off a ramp in an attempt to knock each other off the leaderboard by getting the longest distance traveled from take-off ramp to landing. Each round, the rider with the shortest jump gets knocked out of competition.

Is it evil that I was hoping Snowmobile Knock Out would be more like Death Race 3000 or Twisted Metal on snow, with drivers forcing each other into trees or off ramps into pits of lava? (Call me X Games!)

The Winter X Games kickoff in Aspen on Jan. 28 and last until Feb. 1. More than 40 Olympians will participate (including everyone's favorite carrot top Shaun White) and ESPN will broadcast 24-odd hours of extreme footage! (If you can make it through the non-stop Monster energy drink commercials, I imagine you'll catch some pretty sick tricks.)

Anybody planning on going to Winter X Games 14 in Aspen this year? We have two questions for you: 1) What events will you attend, and 2) can I stay in your hotel?

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Ted Alvarez