Wolf Creek opens Saturday. Sort Of.

Colorado's southernmost ski resort, Wolf Creek, will open on Halloween this year. Don't get too excited -- it's just the bunny hill for now. Still, lift tickets are only $20, and if your dreams of turning your tyke into a booze-free Bode Miller turn out to be a bust, at least you didn't have to pay full price to get the kid on the mountain.

Wolf Creek, located just north of Pagosa Springs, gets more annual snowfall than any other resort in the state, and last week's storm dropped a foot of the good stuff on the mountain, which will allow them to host this annual kid-friendly event with more snow and a week earlier than last year. They'll celebrate with costume and pumpkin-carving contests where the winners get lift tickets and Wolf Creek clothing.

"It really is for kids and beginners," says Wolf Creek VP Rosanne Pitcher. "It should be a lot of fun."

Wolf Creek hasn't set a definite date for opening the rest of the mountain. Except on the base chunk opening Saturday, they don't manufacture snow, which leaves a lot to the mercy of Mother Nature. Still, Pitcher thinks another foot of good, solid snow would allow them to get a few more lifts open. With a storm forecasted for later in the week, the big opening might be very soon after the little one.

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