Woman claims she's getting a sex change to make use of boyfriend's ski pass

A day of free skiing is worth a lot to a lot of people. But worth getting arrested and creeping out your boyfriend's dad? Probably not.

A woman -- she hasn't been identified -- wanted to ski the other day. Her boyfriend had a ski pass to Keystone and, being a classy gent, was willing to share. But the folks at Keystone don't take kindly to freeloaders or people who think their lift operators are idiots. They are not idiots, which is why they saw "male" and "Daniel" on the ski pass being held by a woman and started asking questions.

The woman went with her gut here and said she was undergoing a sex change. Understandably suspicious, the police asked her for her parent's phone number.

Now his is probably where she should have cut her losses and come clean. Give the girl credit for stubbornness, I suppose, because she didn't fold. Instead, she gave the cops her boyfriend's parents' phone number. They called it and asked the man's father if he knew anything about his son undergoing a sex change.

The man's father was confused and probably alarmed, because you don't want to learn about your son's sex change via a phone call from the police.

Keystone found pass holder's number on file and called that. He answered, told the police he'd given the pass to his girlfriend, and she finally cracked. She was arrested for theft, criminal impersonation, and one count of being a moron.

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