Womenswear: Christina Tate is all dolled up in Cherry Creek

Fashion steps into the world of fantasy with this cotton-candy-colored look. We spotted dolled-up Christina Tate at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center recently; keep reading to learn her favorite color, accessory and places to shop.

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Name: Christina Tate.

Spotted at: Cherry Creek Shopping Center

Profession: I work at a movie theater.

2014 jam: "Venus in Furs," by the Velvet Underground and Nico.

Favorite film: I love Tim Burton's movies, but my favorite is Edward Scissorhands. It's classic Burton.

Style inspirations/icons: I use films that I love as fashion inspiration and also online images on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. I love vibrant colors and animation. I look at what everyone is doing and make my own style, mixing them all together.

Favorite accessory: Any hair accessory. Today I have my hat, which is a headband as well.

Favorite color: Pink.

Style mantra: Who do I want to be today?

Shops at: I gather pieces from all over. I love Juicy Couture and Nordstrom. I also find random things at thrift stores and online. I often shop on Etsy and eBay for specialty pieces.

Tate shows off her variety of rings and bracelets here. "Fashion can be about dressing up as your favorite character or creating your own character, your own identity," she says. Tate's attention to detail can be traced all the way down to her shoes and socks, which feature a cat printed on the calf.

Never be afraid to create your own fashion identity using womenswear, Denver.

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