Womenswear Wednesdays: Freelancer Jessica Joy on her military fashion

The snow is now falling on Denver's streets, but things were more temperate last Friday when we spotted an interesting style at the Shoppe's closing party. Freelancer Jessica Joy worked at the Shoppe, as well as Fabric Lab and Plastic Chapel, all before they had to close the doors for good. Read here to learn what her favorite accessory is, who inspires her fashion, and what her style mantra is.

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Name: Jessica Joy.

Profession: I am a freelancer. I do whatever job I want to do at all times. I perform, I do yard work, I'm writing a book, I put together music festivals. Now that the Shoppe is closed, I'm going to focus on upcoming projects.

Spotted at: East Colfax Avenue and St. Paul Street.

Favorite film: The original 2003 Oldboy, There Will Be Blood, and Dancer in the Dark.

2013 jam: I love Purity Ring's only album. It's called Shrines.

Style inspirations/icons: I would be lying if I didn't say everyone. I love looking at all of the different types of people walking on Colfax. The weather influences my style. I collect clothes; it's the one collection I am really passionate about. My goal is to look as weird as possible, at all times. I love Vivienne Westwood because she is haute couture and weird.

Favorite color: Grey. Grey can wear all the colors.

Favorite accessory: My septum ring and my belt.

Style mantra: I have to dress by my mood, so I always factor in the weather. Comfort is the most basic element, so combat boots are my go-to for footwear. Comfort and feeling: Getting dressed is an emotional experience for me.

Shops at: Thrift stores. I have not shopped in almost three years, though. I don't sew or create stuff, but people will give me things that I can pair with other things and make it weird.

Joy never leaves the house without her utility belt. "I wear it almost every day," she says of her favorite accessory. "I'm into ugly. My outfit has to always be weird or else I don't feel comfortable."

"I'm having a super-military winter. I wear high-waisted wool pants and like the military aesthetic, but I would never serve," Joy says. "I really started loving Denver because I worked at these places and I would see the art community: all the designers, photographers, artists, musicians, and there is no better way to spend my money than to invest it back into the community I love. Support local businesses." Here, she rocks a pair of white moccasins with her long dress and printed pants.

Style analysis: Joy establishes her own fashion perspective -- that is clear; she loves clothes that have a life and story behind them. She takes pride in supporting local designers and reinvigorating thrift-store finds like her white moccasins, navy-and-white checkered blazer and black detailed dress. She always adds her trademark utility belt to any ensemble to make it personal to her.

Always support local designers, but add your own finishing touches, Denver.

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