Womenswear Wednesdays: Jasmine Douglas on her swagged-out style

While the summer continues to scorch this town, so do the looks many women are sporting on Denver streets. This week we spotted Jasmine Douglas during the lunchtime rush downtown; she was a standout with her earrings and what she calls "swag." Keep reading to learn where she shops, her favorite accessory and which style icons inspire her fashion.

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Name: Jasmine Douglas.

Spotted at: 17th and California streets.

Profession: Client services dealing with IRA accounts.

Favorite film: There are too many.

2013 jam: Fantasia's new song, "Without Me."

Style inspirations/icons: Nicki Minaj and Toya Wright. My friend, Saidella, has great style, too.

Favorite accessory: Earrings.

Favorite color: Right now it's peach.

Style mantra: I pick out my shoes first and I then I pick out my shirt. I need shoes that are comfortable that I can get on the light rail with.

Shops at: A store called Debs, Ross, Burlington Coat Factory. TLA, or The Likable Assholes, is one store I shop at online. Also, Cupcake Mafia has fresh gear online, too.

A white iPhone and white headphones match Douglas's white capris. Her pink-tipped manicure with her green blouse create a watermelon visual.

These circle earrings even match the circular bun hairstyle Douglas wears.

Style analysis: While many resort to office drab Monday through Friday, Douglas opts for a refreshing twist to summer gear. She dresses light and easy, and her lime green blouse and earrings make the outfit fun and energetic. Her look references icons that have a certain "swag," or swagger. In short, this means they have their own personal style that creates their own aesthetic.

Always rock your own swag, Denver.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.