Womenswear Wednesdays: Jessie Maynard on her Alice in Wonderland fashion

Malls are places that bring together a plurality of people, all seeking something different. This week we spotted aspiring fashion designer Jessie Maynard at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, rocking an Alice in Wonderland-themed look. Keeping reading to learn about her favorite film, her style icons and her style mantra.

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Name: Jessie Maynard.

Spotted at: Cherry Creek Shopping Center.

Profession: I'm between jobs right now, but I aspire to be a fashion designer.

Favorite film: I love horror movies and foreign films. I like all the first Saw films, up to number four.

2014 jam: "Princess," by Versailles.

Style inspirations/icons: Japanese Harajuku fashion.

Favorite accessory: Rings.

Favorite color: Pink.

Style mantra: I really hope this looks good.

Shops at: Angelic Pretty online, and Forever 21 here in the mall.

This mini-bag matches the heart symbols and buttons on Maynard's dress.

Style analysis: Maynard demonstrates how to remain inspired by fashion, with the ability to transform every day. She did not don a hoodie and jeans to go shopping, but instead a head-to-toe conceptual look that nods to the title character in Alice in Wonderland. Her look is informed by the theatricality of the Harajuku neighborhood in Tokyo, but it does not verge into cosplay. The striped leggings and Lolita-like dress with black headband and blonde bangs make this look a rare treat at a mall.

Always wear your best fashion, Denver...even to the mall.

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