Womenswear Wednesdays: Lobbyist Becky Brooks on her political style

Womenswear is always on the go because modern women are constantly progressing with their busy lifestyles. One fashionable business lady we recently spotted is lobbyist Becky Brooks, who was prepping for an important meeting. Read here to learn about her style icon, where she shops, and what her style mantra is.

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Name: Becky Brooks.

Spotted at: East Colfax Avenue and Logan Street.

Profession: I'm a lobbyist at the state capital.

Favorite film: Steel Magnolias.

2013 jam: Any George Strait song.

Style inspirations/icons: I was raised in the south so my mother was always my icon. In the south, you have to always be dressed with makeup on and your clothes ironed and starched.

Favorite color: Yellow.

Favorite accessory: I love earrings.

Style mantra: I want make sure that I look good enough that my mother would be proud of me.

Shops at: I shop at Chico's and Coldwater Creek. Both of them are women's dress shops here in Denver.

We spotted Brooks on her way to a meeting at the State Capitol Building, carrying this lively electric blue handbag by Iman.

Style analysis: Political style does not always have to be safe, like black or navy pant suits, especially when it pertains to womenswear. Brooks shows how to add personality to an outfit while still appearing professional. Her mother is a huge influence on her style, as well as her southern upbringing. This is displayed in her attention to details liker her pearl necklace and earrings. The fur trimmed jacket she wears is elegant and warm, and her Iman purse adds a energetic burst of color to the scheme. Brooks strives to make changes within the government, but stays consistent with her timeless fashion sense.

Always have fun with your professional and political attire, Denver.

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