Womenswear Wednesdays: Metallic designer Melissa Howton on her Penny Lane look

The fashion that people wear can channel a certain mood, film or era -- sometimes without the person sporting that street style even realizing it. That's what happened when we spotted metal fabricator Melissa Howton at a Rhinoceropolis bonfire. Keep reading to see what film her look reminds us of, where she shops, and what types of people inspire her style.

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Name: Melissa Howton.

Spotted at: Rhinoceropolis on 35th Avenue and Brighton Boulevard.

Profession: I'm a metal fabricator.

Favorite film: Federico Fellini's 8 1/2. He's a genius.

2013 jam: It's a three-way tie: "Falling" by Haim, "Cult Logic" by Miike Snow and Prince's "Raspberry Beret."

Style inspirations/icons: Hobos and homos. Also, every rad person who existed within the last twenty years.

Favorite accessory: My bike.

Favorite color: Dark purple and red.

Style mantra: I don't really have one. I usually just sing in the mirror while I'm getting dressed.

Shops at: Second-hand stores like Buffalo Exchange, where I got this jacket. The Goodwill on Federal has a nice selection. Boss Vintage on Broadway and Ellsworth is great. The free zone at the Bike Pit on Sixth and Lipan is a great resource.

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Howton uses these rings to add to her Bohemian look. "My style is centered around a utilitarian purpose," she explains. "My perspective is that I have to be able to do many different things in my clothes, like change a bike tire or run away from the cops if needed." This ring came from an estate sale that Howton attended after the death of her neighbor. "Buy used all day everyday," she says. "The things I buy new are the things I wear the least." Although Howton admits to never seeing the 2000 Cameron Crowe film Almost Famous, the Kate Hudson character, Penny Lane, has a very similar style in that flick. Both Howton and Lane wear fur-trimmed jackets and mixed patterns with free-flowing hair that evokes the spirit of the 1970s. We tip our hat to Howton for getting the look down to a T without even knowing it.

Style analysis: While many people choose specific references for their fashion, Howton creates a utilitarian style that blends 1970s psychedelic separates, textures and colors. Her striped pants balance the drama of the coat and her rings add more depth to the overall effect of the ensemble. It's possible that Almost Famous was in Howton's subconscious when she was getting dressed, but she arrived at the look on her own terms: with a free spirit and adoration for vintage items.

Always be a free spirit in fashion, Denver.

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