Womenswear Wednesdays: Performance artist Piper Shepherd on her purple Medusa look

This week we spotted an eye-catching look from artist and musician Piper Shepherd. Although she's from Alabama originally, Shepherd now lives in Colorado. Read here to learn where she shops, what inspires her style, and what's inside her bag.

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Name: Piper Shepherd.

Spotted at: 14th and Curtis streets.

Profession: Purple Medusa and the Astrological Itch is the name of my music project. I'm a singer, musician and performer. I'm an actress. I'm a big character actor. I dance and dress up in costumes often.

Favorite film: It depends on my mood. I could like Harmony Korine's films if I'm in an artsy, obscure mood. I love Party Monster, Spice World, Clueless, Reality Bites, The Big Lebowski and other films for their fashion.

2014 jam: "Prove Me Wrong," by Mindless Self Indulgence.

Style inspirations/icons: Scary Spice is number one. She's the reason I have my tongue pierced. Party Monster and the shock-umentary and the whole culture of the Club Kids are a huge inspiration because it was so DIY and that's where I am right now. I make friends based on my fashion. Someone will compliment me on my wig and we could talk for hours about wigs. I ran away to Seattle when I was younger, but everywhere you go in Seattle you find traces of that '90s Club Kid culture. Amanda Palmer's on-stage fashion is great. Christina Ricci looks great in all of her films.

Favorite accessory: My tongue ring, because it reminds me of her in the opening of Spice World. I also love my over-sized Elton John sunglasses. I have to always have them on me somewhere. I also carry glitter on me to glitter-bomb people at parties sometimes.

Favorite color: Purple.

Style mantra: Even if it's tacky, make sure the outfit has a spirit to reach out to people. I ask myself: What is the theme today? Do I want to look like I came out of a Wes Anderson movie, or do I want to go for the Purple Medusa look?

Shops at: Of course I'm a big thrifter. Forever 21 always has shiny things. I bought a pair of silver pants there. Value Village in Seattle is a great store. I borrow my sister's clothes sometimes.

These ripped-up leggings tell the story of Shepherd's shenanigans. " If I buy a pair of tights and you give me a couple of days, shit's going to happen to them. I believe that life is about the pursuit of shenanigans, not the pursuit of happiness," says Shepherd.

See what's inside Piper Shepherd's bag on page 2!

This is the purple canvas bag that we spotted Shepherd with. Let's see what items she carries with her that tell a little about who she is.

Inside we have a copy of Chuck Palahniuk's new novel, Doomed, a hair accessory with a heart on it, a tube of toothpaste just in case, some Urban Decay makeup, a deck of cards, and a Kodak camera.

Style analysis: Shepherd combines ripped-up cheetah-print leggings with black combat boots and a fuzzy black-and-white striped sweater topped with purple locks to create the physical manifestation of her music project, Purple Medusa and the Astrological Itch. Her black hooded coat has fur, and anything furry evokes the Club Kid spirit. Her bag is filled with her inspirations, like Palahniuk. Shepherd's camera is there to document her shenanigans as well. Most important, Shepherd's fashion reveals that she is unafraid to go against the grain to establish her own fashion perspective.

Always assemble your fashion with the spirit of who you are, Denver.

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