Womenswear Wednesdays: Rebecca Haines as Hawkeye at Denver Comic Con

Denver Comic Con was filled with characters, each embracing their own theme and costume. One of the more creative characters we spotted was teacher Rebecca Haines, a Denver native, dressed up as Hawkeye. Keep reading to find out how she made her costume, which comic-book title inspired it, and what her 2013 jam is.

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Name: Rebecca Haines.

Spotted at: Denver Comic Con at the Colorado Convention Center.

Profession: Teacher.

Favorite film: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

2013 jam: "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons.

Style inspirations/icons: Hawkeye is an archer from The Avengers. He doesn't have any superpowers, but he can shoot his bow and arrows. His outfit is purple in the comics from the 1980s, but black in the film The Avengers. Hawkeye was also the leader of the West coast Avengers at one point.

Favorite accessory: I like hair bows.

Favorite color: Pink.

Style mantra: "Oh, shit, I'm late." I wear a uniform for my teaching job, so I usually just put that on most mornings.

Shops at: Mostly Kohl's. I'm really not a big fashionista.

These finger-less Reebok gloves are purple and black, and one of the few parts of Haines's outfit that she didn't make herself. As a new cosplayer, Haines says, "Craft foam is a very versatile material. You can sew with hit, glue it, heat it up and mold it. It's nice to work with." Haines created her own mask, shirt with chain-mail detail and arrow basket using craft foam. These purple boots were an online find. "My favorite comic book is Ultimate Spider-Man," Haines says, although Hawkeye is from The Avengers title.

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Style analysis: Using materials like craft foam and chain-mail to make her own costume, Rebecca Haines shows how you can leave uniforms behind and let loose at Denver Comic Con. She gives a gender twist to an Avengers hero, Hawkeye, to create a feminine costume, and although she doesn't consider herself a fashionista, she's assembled a striking ensemble.

Always strive to hit your fashion targets with high power, Denver.

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