Womenswear Wednesdays: Singer Agau Bior on her constantly evolving style

We were beginning to despair of spotting any interesting womenswear -- but then we spotted singer Agau Bior boarding the D-line train this week. Keep reading to learn her favorite film genre, her style icons and where she shops.

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Name: Agau Bior.

Spotted at: On board the D-Line train.

Profession: Singer and model.

Favorite film: I really like African films and Nigerian films. I can't pick one specific one.

2013 jam: "Rock With You" by Michael Jackson.

Style inspirations/icons: Janelle Monet has great style. Azealia Banks and Matt Nichols are also my style icons. I take style cues from everywhere. Paris, France, has nice style. Of course, New York, too. Style always changes. My fashion really comes from my mind, but I find inspiration from different places.

Favorite accessory: Glasses and shoes. Prescription glasses or shades -- it doesn't matter; I love all glasses.

Favorite color: I love all colors except puke-olive green. It has to be bright green if I'm going to wear it.

Style mantra: Hmm, what should I wear? I say this because there are so many different selections in my wardrobe. When I look in my closet, I start putting things together to see what works and what doesn't. Then I go from there.

Shops at: I like to shop at H&M, thrift stores and Guess. I go to Foot Locker for fresh kicks. Anywhere I see a pair of heels I like, I buy them instantly. There is a nice store in Manhattan. If I see it and I like it, I try to get it as soon as possible.

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This is Bior's hourglass necklace."I'm from Sudan originally, but have lived here in Denver for eighteen years," she says. After reviewing our photos, we realized we'd seen Bior before -- and she was dressed completely differently that time, sporting platinum blonde tresses with striped pants.

But despite her changing look, some advice is constant: "Women, please do not wear too-short dresses, skirts or shorts," she says. "If you can see your underwear, that is just nasty. No one is going to respect you."

Style analysis: Bior takes fashion seriously and believes it's always changing -- as evidenced by the two looks we saw her sporting this week. You can't really pin-point fashion, she says, because it's in a constant state of transformation. Her head-to-toe denim look with high-waisted jeans and vest is perfect for summer days, while the striped pants and blue blazer work well for the evening. Bior's style is informed by the world at large, yet she filters it all through her mind.

Never be afraid to transform your style, Denver.

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