Womenswear Wednesdays: Snow day street-style spectacular

With the recent onslaught of snow hitting Denver, many people are dressing for warmth and comfort instead of a stylish spring. Still, a few women managed to inject some fun into their snow-day looks. Continue reading to see a sampling of frosty female fashion, and what practical accessories these ladies carry on snow days.

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Name: Lisa Chjang.

Spotted at: 14th and Champa.

Profession: Student of art history at the University of Colorado at Denver.

Favorite film: Audition. It's beautiful, yet scary.

2013 jam: Lil Debbie's song "Ratchets."

Shops at: Patagonia, Kenzo, Nordstrom and American Apparel.

Name: Diane Lee.

Profession: Undeclared student at the Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Spotted at: 18th and California.

Style inspirations/icons: I really like New York street style. I like Kate Moss because she is iconic and the embodiment of fashion.

Style mantra: Get up, and go! Some days I will take my time getting ready, but others, I can care less. Like today, it's snowing, so I just want to be warm and comfortable since I have to get on with my day, regardless of the weather outside.

These are Lee's black snow boots, which also happen to be her favorite accessory.

Name: Susan McNichols.

Spotted at: 20th and Broadway.

Profession: Freelance graphic designer.

Favorite color: Baby blue.

Favorite accessory: Today it is my umbrella, but usually bags and purses.

Style analysis: These stylish, modern women are always on the go. Come snow or sun, they still must carry on with their days, going to school and work; accessories like snow boots and umbrellas help them on their way. The snow may dampen fashion opportunities, but not their moods.

Always utilize your accessories in the snow, Denver.

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