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Womenswear Wednesdays: Technical writer Lauren Jestes on her colorful summer style

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As the sun continues to heat up Denver, womenswear is heating up the streets. One of the bright spots we spotted this week was Lauren Jestes, a local technical writer and fashionista. Read on to discover her favorite accessories, where she shops, and who inspires her personal style.

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Name: Lauren Jestes.

Profession: Technical writer. Mostly, I write user manuals for software companies.

Spotted at: 13th and Champa streets.

Favorite film: The Fifth Element. Jean Paul Gaultier did all the costumes, and my husband and I both love that movie, coincidentally. The Big Lebowski is also very funny and a classic.

2013 jam: "Woo Boost," by Rusko. Maximilian's "Yo" is also good. I love legitimate drum-and-bass from the 1990s.

Style inspirations/icons: The Audrey Hepburn movie called Charade has awesome clothes. All of her clothes were provided by her favorite designer, Givenchy. I try to err on the side of classic style. As I was watching the film, I kept thinking to myself, I would wear that. The '50s and '60s are my favorite decades for style. Another style icon of mine is my grandmother, who always wore pearls, a girdle and pumps: dressed to the nines. She was a shopaholic, as am I. We would be besties now.

Favorite color: Green. It always complements my hair.

Favorite accessory: Honestly, my wedding-ring set. I get compliments on it, and I love it. It's meaningful.

Style mantra: Does this make me look thin? So much of the '80s fashion is so unflattering. How clothes fit is key.

Shops at: I buy rings at the Denver Art Museum. City Floral has a great gift shop; I bought a necklace there. Deja Blue is great, too. I bought a pair of True Religion jeans there, and the money goes to a good cause -- so I love that store. I bought this dress from Target; I like when they have their designer collaborations. Zara and H&M are good, too.

"I'm excited and impressed that Denver is coming up in the ranks of fashion," says Jestes, a Denver native. "When we got an H&M, that was huge." Here she sports a red leather Coach purse. These are two key accessories for Jestes: a fashionable ring from the Denver Art Museum gift shop and her meaningful wedding-ring set. " I have the DAM rings in every color," she admits. Jestes's wooden plugs for her gauges come courtesy of a local company, Omerica Organic. (Check out its unique accessories here.) Her tunnel earrings are missing a puzzle piece, which she has at home. Style analysis: Jestes's fashion is the result of several important factors: her grandmother's timeless style, Audrey Hepburn's '60s-chic glamor, and high-end designers like Coach, Givenchy and Jean Paul Gaultier. The budding Denver fashion community also offers inspired merchandise at places like the DAM, Goodwill's Deja Blue Boutique and Organic Omerica. She sticks to her favorite color, green, and favorite accessory, her wedding-ring set, because they suit her taste. Her graphic-print dress and nude-colored wedge shoes are perfect for summer in Denver, which can include both meetings in the office and time on the street.

Always dress for your community and for yourself, Denver.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.