Womenswear Wednesdays: Underwriter Ana Hernandez on her chic Chanel style

With a blistering 20-degree wind blowing, many Coloradans dress with purpose, for warmth and comfort. The fashion-minded, however, combine comfort, warmth and style into a solid look that retains their personal charm. One of these people is Ana Hernandez. Continue reading to find out where she shops, what celebrity inspires her style, and what French designer she carries with her most days.

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Name: Ana Hernandez.

Spotted: En route, on the F line of the light rail.

Profession: FHA loan underwriter.

Favorite film: Gia.

2013 jam: "Pour It Up," by Rihanna.

Style inspirations/icons: Kim Kardashian's style is inspiring, although not her as a person so much. I love Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel, too.

Favorite color: Maroon, but specifically the color wine.

Favorite accessory: My Chanel sunglasses. I never leave the house without them. Colorado is so sunny, and sunglasses are very handy after a long night out.

Style mantra: What is the cutest thing I have to wear? It depends on the occasion. Today it was, "What will I be the most warm in?"

Shops at: Bebe -- and department stores like Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Express and H&M. It really depends on what I am looking for.

This red-tipped manicure is Hernandez's favorite color: wine. Of Denver's shopping scene, Hernandez says, "Downtown Denver needs more stores, like big-name department stores. Can we get a Macy's down here, please?"

These strappy black boots have a gray fur trim and lining. The look is luxurious and warming.

Hernandez's favorite accessory, her sunglasses, are made by one of her favorite designers, Chanel. Her white patent leather handbag is a also designed by the French fashion house, and both complement her black-and-white houndstooth scarf nicely.

Style analysis: Fashion is always on the go, changing every season, and so are modern women of downtown Denver. Although Hernandez jokes that we spotted her on an off day, she still managed to be fashionable on a cold work day. Her neutral palette of black, white, and gray allows her distinguished accessories to shine, and even her pink headphones display personality. She proves that even in the bitter climate, she can get work done and look good doing it.

Never take a day off from representing your true style, Denver.

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