Worship (or curse) Snow God at Breck's Ullr Fest next week

So we haven't gotten all that much snow so far this season -- the state's snowpack level is currently sitting at about 86 percent of its average depth. That means we're all going to need to band together, ditch school, work, and everyday life, and head up the hill to Breckenridge next week to see if we can't wrangle a little more of the white stuff from Ullr, the Norse god of snow and the stepson of Thor, at the annual festival that bears his name, Ullr Fest.

The fest kicks off  with a skating party Sunday and bonfire Monday and culminates with a parade Thursday (yours truly is one of the judges) before ending with a chili cook-off Saturday. Every night features specials at participating bars and there's also comedy (Friday), a dating game (Tuesday), and the always interesting Ullympics (Wednesday).

In past years, I've nicely merged days skiing with nights drinking, but remember that there is a fine line between good behavior and the drunk tank. And one must sleep to beat the horde to the lifts.

You never know, Ullr could now be wrestling El Niño on the outskirts of Valhalla for control of the weather. And if El Niño is best represented by the late, great Chris Farley, I nominate Techno Viking for the role of Ullr:

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