Your moment of lulz: Chinese hurdler fail... or win?

Jumping over hurdles has always been a good metaphor for dealing with the the superfluous red tape and etiquette of bureaucracy -- putting the flip-mode on that metaphor, then, we might say that an actual hurdle race is kind of like communism. And we all know that's not the American way. In America, we don't "jump" over hurdles, we haphazardly plow them over with the giant bulldozer-dick of democracy, leaving a wake of destruction in our truck-nutted wake. That, friends, is the American way, and for the sake of our influence elsewhere, it's refreshing to see that this sprightly little Chinese track-runner understands it like no American since old George W.

Fuck you, hurdles! Fuck you, lane! Fuck you, "winning" and "losing!" This isn't about beating the other guy to the finish line -- this is about beating these shitty hurdles into the ground.

Your countrymen may not "get" it, brave little guy, but we sure do -- and should you ever decide to come and seek your fortunes in the land of the free and the home of all that plastic crap your country manufactures for us, we might just have a high-level position at a major defense contractor waiting for you.

Because hey, kid, we like your style.

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