Your moment of lulz: "Today's trolls are online"

Close to twenty years after the slang was first coined in those primitive internets forums of yore, at least one Fox News affiliate out of Los Angeles is on the case, intrepidly investigating just what it is that the kids are saying nowadays. Last week, the station dedicated fully three and a half minutes to exploring the online menace of trolling, reporting with totally unironic gravitas that, "inspired by anonymity, the culture is taking on Lord of the Flies undertones." Looks like somebody got their feelings hurt.

There are so many lulz in this newscast, but I think my personal favorite part comes at 2:25, when images of troll dolls incongruously appear, and then the guy laments that they "beat up on celebrities." The horror! On the other hand, it this pretty awesome that the report includes Boxxy, who it describes as an "unsuspecting YouTuber."

In other news, when we return: There's a brand new dance that some... are calling the bird.

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