Zombielesque: The walking dead, undressed, at Bender's Tavern

Half the reason -- at least -- to love Halloween is because of all the crazy tie-ins in pop culture, from television specials to candy to costumes. And Burlycute, a local burlesque venture, is getting into the spirit (Ha! Get it?) of things with Zombielesque, which will play for one night only at Bender's Tavern, 314 13th Avenue, on Thursday, October 21.

"It's so wrong, it's right," says emcee/Madam Cora Vette, aka Reyna Von Vett. "I just figured, it's Halloween time, and we keep being comeback people who keep getting shit on and moved around from place to place, so let's just rise from the dead and take our clothes off."

What can you expect? "I'm pretty sure body parts will be falling off as much as possible," Von Vett says. "We're trying to stay away from the super-obvious musical choices, but still sticking with anything that's undead and Halloween-ish." Think Alice Cooper's "Feed My Frankenstein," and "My Chick Bad" by Ludacris, which will be the theme for a zombie cowboy number.

"If you ask crazy people to do a Halloween show as the living dead, the ideas are pretty easy." Von Vett says. Catch her, Petra Puse, Vivienne VaVoom, Frangelica Love, Whoopsie Daisy, Anabella LaFontaine, La Petite Morte and a couple of new faces, too; we'll have more up-to-date information on the show as it approaches, but you can visit for information and tickets.

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