Zombikini car wash puts walking dead in swimwear at last

In the midst of our current zombie renaissance, we've just about seen it all: running zombies, Nazi zombies, classic-lit zombies, even singing and dancing zombies. It seems like every day a new wrinkle is added to the zombie canon. Today's innovation: the zombikini car wash.

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Yes, that's a combo of zombie and bikini, courtesy the twisted minds of sponsors Bloodlust Productions. It's just one of their line of signature "skintinis" -- silicone bikinis with horror and fantasy themes. "Basically, [it] is a silicone swimming suit in different styles, like a zombie, or stitched skin, or dragon skin, stuff like that," explains Mike Garvin, co-owner of Vile Visions, the local haunted-house production company behind the event. "So they'll be wearing those and we're going to do a car wash." If women in realistic decaying-flesh bikinis don't sate your desire for the undead, don't worry -- there will be plenty of more traditional zombies on hand, just not washing cars. "They'll be painted up a little more heavily, just because we don't want people washing cars with a whole bunch of makeup on. It smears and runs," Garvin says. "There'll be a number of other zombies as well, that will be pulling in the crowds and interacting."

There's also going to be a food truck, a glitter tattoo artist, and a few local celebrities on hand to add to the fun. It's a donation-based event, so you can decide how much a car wash from a attractive woman wearing a skimpy cover of simulated stitched-up skin is worth. Be generous, though -- a portion of the proceeds will go to Mosaic Down Syndrome.

The Zombikini car wash will run from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Saturday, September 1 at Broomfield Plaza, 5015 West 120th Avenue in Broomfield. For more information, visit the event's Facebook page.

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