• @brodycoronelli
    22 September, 2018

    RT @yusefroach: Woman say I’m afraid of commitment until I tell them that I raided as the same blood elf for almost a decade then all of a…

  • @brodycoronelli
    21 September, 2018

    Had a great time chatting with The Velveteers about their forthcoming UK tour for @Westword! https://t.co/bqa1m8ijA9

  • @brodycoronelli
    15 September, 2018

    @yungeyeroller ”Do not use semicolons. They are transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing. All th… https://t.co/XdVdtRlAfO

  • @brodycoronelli
    14 September, 2018

    RT @AlisonLeiby: Sorry I canceled our plans, I’m at an in between hair length right now.

  • @brodycoronelli
    6 September, 2018

    @myszkaway Loved your Fader cover story on Phoebe Bridgers! Stellar music writing that digs deep and strikes someth… https://t.co/SDPcgV5fnz


Brody Coronelli

Brody Coronelli

Brody Coronelli discovered his love for writing and journalism as a teenager, and thousands of words later, that passion has come to frame his life. He writes about music and art for Westword, and enjoys obsessing about music and film, food and wine, creative writing, and making his own music when he's not too busy writing about it.

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