• @itsellecarroll
    21 February, 2019

    @nHiAcRkT I’m working on it!! I’ll roll thru this year for sure

  • @itsellecarroll
    21 February, 2019

    What I expected from Outlander: Scottish accents, softcore sexy time, maybe some swordplay What I got from Outland… https://t.co/sHvUo6JeHK

  • @itsellecarroll
    20 February, 2019

    @nHiAcRkT Omw

  • @itsellecarroll
    17 February, 2019

    RT @honker3d: Nobody: John Cage:

  • @itsellecarroll
    15 February, 2019

    @TakeltOrLeaveIt Nice. Where in SF are you staying??


Elle Carroll


Elle Carroll is a former art school weirdo, Billy Joel apologist and current photographer-slash-writer very loosely based in San Francisco and various airports. She has written for Westword since 2016.

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