• @lbhendrick
    26 June, 2019

    @T_Dwyer Let me guess - early morning workout classes? I know the drill

  • @lbhendrick
    13 March, 2019

    #bombcyclone seemed a bit much, but so far the forecast has been spot on and power is out at my house. March in Col… https://t.co/WHtbxF1Hp9

  • @lbhendrick
    16 November, 2017

    RT @passportprogram: It's time to grab a friend, a drink and a fire! The Winter Edition in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Kansas City, Wash…

  • @lbhendrick
    9 August, 2017

    @datingdad @GreenDay I saw a lot of daddy-daughter duos tonight! I took my dad in fact!

  • @lbhendrick
    1 July, 2017

    Wow wow wow https://t.co/vcUWSc8E5G


Lauren Rapp

Lauren Rapp

Lauren Rapp works in experiential marketing by day and moonlights as Westword Colorado Concierge, answering your dining-specific queries.

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