• @LilaThulin
    22 July, 2018

    Potluck nation 🎉 (Shoutout to @emmasarappo and @AshleyMizuo’s legs, barely visible behind me) https://t.co/p6tmIgDhlw

  • @LilaThulin
    19 July, 2018

    If you live in DC, read this: https://t.co/OZ8CUYWYxy

  • @LilaThulin
    18 July, 2018

    Featuring my hand modeling debut! https://t.co/Y4sM09k9xI

  • @LilaThulin
    13 July, 2018

    RT @washingtonian: This DC film pro had never outright quit a production before. Then she got a job on the “Roe v. Wade” movie. https://t.c…

  • @LilaThulin
    10 July, 2018

    RT @mjs_DC: SCOOP: Slate has obtained documents indicating that the Office of Refugee Resettlement is preparing for a major surge in family…


Lila Thulin

Lila Thulin

Lila Thulin recently graduated from Stanford University, where she earned a Human Biology degree with a minor in Creative Writing (she also learned to bike no-handed). She’s an aficionado of libraries, bagels and art in all forms; she covers the latter as a Westword intern.

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